Our value is knowing how
to bring shape to a vision

    Our Culture

    We are passionate, determined individuals with diverse backgrounds, experiences and talents.
    We inspire each other by working collaboratively and building on each other’s strengths to evolve good ideas.
    Our dedication to the quality of our work is what motivates us and fuels the strength of our team.
    Because at Matita we don’t compete for excellence – we strive to achieve it collectively – and have fun doing it.

    Our Values

    As a company, our core values provide the basis for everything that we do.
    They guide us morally and are behind our lasting relationships and business success.

    INTEGRITY - Communicating openly and honestly and honoring our commitments

    ACCOUNTABILITY - Taking responsibility for our actions and delivering results

    RESPECT - Treating people with consideration, open-mindedness and dignity

    EXCELLENCE - Always aiming higher - The continuous pursuit of innovation and improvement

What We Do

  • Marketing Solutions

    What Promotes and
    Sells your Products or Services solution

    • Brochures
    • Advertising Campaigns
    • Product catalogues
    • Product sheets
    • Direct Mailers
    • Brand awareness programs
  • Brand Development

    What makes you recognizable and connects you to your clients and
    your clients to you

    • Corporate and Brand identity
    • Corporate and product branding
  • Digital Solutions

    The latest in electronic technology pushing your message to your audience

    • Websites
    • Interactive online manuals
    • Newsletters
  • Mobile Apps

    Helping you keep up
    with today’s market of
    on-the-go consumers

    • Enterprise Apps
    • Consumer Apps
    • Heath Care

Our Process

    • Your Business
    • Your Goals
    • Your Challenges
    • Your Competition / Market
    • Our Experience
    • Our Knowledge
    • Our Creativity
    • Our Approach
    • Unique
    • Effective
    • Highest Quality
    • Delivered on Time

The first phase of our discovery is a session with you. Because no matter what industry you are in, every business is different – and we want to understand who you are, what you do, and what makes you unique: the strengths, needs, challenges and ultimate goals of your business. We then put things in perspective by looking at your market reality, to understand who your competition is, what they are doing and how you compare. Our discovery of you is crucial, because it becomes the basis for the solution that we will tailor to your needs.


Development is the central point in our process. Motivated and inspired by what we have learned about you, we then move to what we do best: Turning the pieces of the puzzle into ideas that will fit together to form a complete solution. Always collaborative in our approach to development, the talented individuals on our team build on good ideas and evolve them into outstanding solutions. The positive energy from our collaborative sessions is what sets the wheels in motion. And once we know what we need to do, there is no stopping us.


The final and crucial phase in any project is making sure that what we have created is the best that it can be. So before we deliver to you, we take the time to look at what we have created and to re-evaluate it from every perspective, ensuring we have achieved the highest quality – because we won’t deliver unless it meets our standards. Our pursuit of excellence, through quality assurance, leads us to deliver superior solutions, and is reason behind the enduring client relationships that we have built.

Our Portfolio

Our team has had the opportunity to work on a vast variety of projects, collaborating with some amazing people.

We’ve collaborated with some remarkable people.


We are born curious. Curiosity is what drives learning and development. Trying different approaches and understanding what works is basically
how a child develops into an adult. As we grow older, we learn what to expect from our surroundings, get used to how things are done,
and before we know it the curiosity, and the ability to create anything new has diminished.

The same goes for organizations, where curiosity is the most important tool in business, because it separates those that are successful from those that are merely surviving.
It is difficult to be innovative when you are just recycling the same old set of ideas. But curiosity leads to learning, and the more we learn, the more we are able to innovate.

Matita brings its spirit of learning and curiosity to every project it takes on – because we have learned that new approaches to old problems is what brilliant ideas are made of.

Connecting with us

We’d love the opportunity to discuss your project with you.
Whether you’d prefer to send us a message, give us a call, or arrange to come by and meet with us, we’d be glad to listen to your story and tell you ours.

Matita Creative Group
7103 Trans-Canada Highway, #206
St-Laurent, Qc H4T 1A2